Setting Alerts and Notifications


Alerts and Notifications are  easy to setup in BI4Cloud. Requires the Enterprise Version of BI4cloud.

Alerts and Notifications are favourites that email to one or more users.

When these emails run they check the filter criteria of the favourite.

  • If the filters match then an email is sent.
  • If the do not match no email is sent.

So you need to define a favourite, set the filter criteria and set to email.

There are two type of filters

  1. Text Filters
  2. Numeric Filters

You will see this the filter panels in BI in the Advanced Panel and behind the filter icon.

The numeric filter are below the text filters and you can add as many as you like.


Example Alert

As an example lets use the default Inventory Below Minimum and set this up as an alert that emails a list of stock that is below minimum..

First select and run the favourite. 


Notice the "Sources: qty_sohbelowmin < 0". This is a numeric filter. You can adjust and change the filter by pressing the funnel icon and the following will be displayed.

We will leave the filter as is for now.

Now we have run the favourite we will make copy of it with your own favourite name. To do this press the Save icon (the floppy disc) .  Then give the favourite a name, click the email checkbox, select daily and fill in the email address against the selected company.

Now press Save and the favourite will be set to email the user each day a list of stock below minimum.


Any favourite can be emailed and to determine if it sends an alert email you set filters ( normally numeric filter ) to control when a particular condition is met.

The numeric filters change dependent upon the mapping. The Inventory mappi has the following numeric filter metrics. Those with (source) behind the name indicates the underlying transaction is tested. Those with a (Result) behind the name indicate the output of the report is tested.



And the condition to be checked is also set. Conditions are checked against numbers and typically the conditions have been programmed to test again zero.

Eg. qty_sohbelowmin = (SOH - Minimum Stock) so when the SOH falls below minimum then the result is negative so we test this " < 0 ".

Additional filters can be added and these act as in unison as an "AND" condition. So if condition 1 is met AND condition 2 is met. 

With these simple numeric filters a range of outcomes can be created.




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