BI Connector : Delete Connections & UnInstall

The BI Connector is used to refresh data from files on your server to our BI Cloud. Each file is a connection that is specified in the BI Connector program..

Disconnecting Companies

If you wish to disconnect a connection because you no longer analyse data in that company file then do the following.

1. Locate the computer you installed the BI Connector on.

2. Open the BI Connector program. It's a shortcut on the desktop.


3. Login using your BI cloud login and password.

4. Select Advanced Options in the link text on the lower right of the window 

5. Then a screen like the following will display.

6.To disconnect a company select the Edit button to the right of the company name and the selected company details will be displayed in the fields below. If it's the one you want to Disconnect then press the Disconnect button.

Uninstall the Connector

The BI Connector should only be installed once in your environment either on the server where your company files and/or database are or on a PC which has access to your company files.

The connector communicates with our BI server and if you have more than one installed OR you no longer need the connector then it should be uninstalled from your server or computer. Leaving an unused connector installed wastes your internet bandwidth and computer resources.

This uninstall depends upon you version of windows. On windows 7 it's available under Programs and Features. Using this select BI Connector and choose UnInstall.


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