ABSS Premier ODBC version conflict

When using BI4Cloud on ABSS Premier only one ODBC driver should be installed at the same time. If not then when you connect BI to a Premier file you will get an error

"ERROR [HZ080][ABSS Pte Ltd ODBC] - The Company file selected is not compatible with the version of the ABSS ODBC driver " 


This indicates there is more than one ODBC driver installed.

Normally the ODBC drivers can be uninstalled using Programs and Features.

However it has been found  (26oct18) that if a newer version of ABSS Premier is installed then the older version of Premier does NOT uninstall the ODBC drivers correctly.

This can  be verified by running C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe and looking at drivers tab and ensuring the ODBC driver in question is removed. If it shows the driver is still there then you will have a problem. This is what the problem looks like 


In the case we encountered the environment was

  • Windows 2012 R2
  • ABSS Premier v20 ( ODBC MY 1402 )
  • ABSS Premier v22 ( ODBC MY 1601 )

Your particular case may have different versions.

The work around

1. To fix this issue you need to uninstall the newer product and it's ODBC first and then the older product and it's ODBC driver until all the products and their ODBC driver are removed AND then install the version of Premier you intend to use.

Before you start ensure you have backups of your data files
** An alternative method of removing the ODBC driver by ABSS Engineering is here

2. Ensure you have both the old and the new versions of Premier installed. Looking at Programs and Features in our example



3. Using the Uninstall option of Programs and Features uninstall the version of ODBC and then the version of Premier starting from the newest first. This MUST be done in this sequence. So in our example

  • uninstall ABSS ODBC Direct v16.0 MY
  • uninstall ABSS Premier v22 MY
  • uninstall ABSS ODBC Direct v14.0 MY
  • uninstall ABSS Premier v20 MY

4. When ALL the Premier and ODBC is uninstalled use C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe and ensure the ABSS driver in the Drivers tab have been removed.

5. Install the version of Premier you plan to run.

You should now be good to connect company files to Bi4Cloud



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