Why can't I see recent data ? Reasons for refresh failures

If your reports don't seem to contain recent data then it could be that your automatic refresh has failed. There are a couple of reasons this could be happening.

  • The Password has changed: If the Administrator password on the company file changes then the refresh gets scheduled but will fail.
  • The Company File has been moved: If your company file has been moved then company file definition will be wrong. You will need to re-establish the connection. For AccountRight Live simply  login to BI and check the connection details. If your company file is hosted on your premises then are using the BI desktop connector and you need to update  to reflect this.

For BI Desktop connection, please check the following:

  • Company File Location Changed: If your company file has been moved to a new location / server, the company file definition in the desktop connector must be updated to reflect this.
  • Shared Drives: Company files cannot sync if they are using a shared drive on the windows network. This is due to security issues with the user account running the windows service. To use a company file on a shared drive, a UNC file path must be used instead (\\Server\\Path to Company File)
  • Windows Security: The account used to run windows service must have permission to access company file, please check the windows service properties and verify that the user account has permission to access the company file.

Further information about the setup is on the link  BI desktop connector for windows service and the link BI Connector and Network Files has details on using network files.


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