Use Job Headers to group similar Jobs together

If you have numerous Jobs and your are drowning in detail you will find it difficult to understand your job profitability and see trends in your business.  

Why not Categorise your jobs into similar groupings or into a hierarchy?

In MYOB you are able to easily setup a Job Hierarchy by creating Job Headers and then associating each detail job with a header.  You can even set up multiple Job Header levels.
For example you could group your Jobs by Division  (New Sales/Service/Admin) and or by State etc.

Once setup in MYOB these Job Headers will also appear in BI4Cloud where you can use them to:

  • Group by
  • Analyze by
  • Filter
  • Pivot on
  • Visualize


  1. In MYOB add new jobs that are Header Jobs.

    Remember you can have more than one Level of Header Jobs. This will build up a hierarchy.  

    Do not set up Header Jobs for Fields in the Job Card as you will already be able to group and report based on these fields.

    - Manager
    - Linked Job Customer
    - Contact (This field can be used for any purpose to group and report on Jobs) 

  2. Next assign all detail jobs to a header job. Remember that you can have multiple levels of Header Jobs. 

  3. In BI4Cloud use Job Headers to Group by Job Header Levels to see like Jobs together.

    Open Favourite Job Profit by Month, note that all Jobs are Grouped together by the Level 1 Job Header.


  4. Use Job Header Levels to Analyze by to see your business at a higher level.

    Open Favourite Job Profit by Month, note it is set up to Analyse by individual Job Number. If you change this to Analyse by Job Level 2, this will consolidate up all Job Numbers into the Level 2 Header.

  5. Filter on a Job Header Level to focus on just that part of your business. Then you can group just those jobs by another dimension e.g. by Job Manager or Job Customer or you can see a mini P&L for only Jobs under that header..

  6. Pivot on a Job Header Level to compare performance across Job Headers (Divisions).

    Open Favourite Job P&L (GL Account) by Job, note this is a Pivot on Job Number across the top. Change the Pivot to Job Level 1 Header to consolidate all jobs under each header into one Column. 

  7. Visualize to see the monthly trends by Job Headers (Divisions).

    Create a Visualization report based on Profit and choose the Line (graph) report type.
    Analyse by Job Header, Group by Transactions by Month to get Months across the bottom and Filter for just the Job Headers you want included.

  8. Don't forget once you have created a report with just the right dimensions Save it as a new Favourite report so it is there for you to use again and again. 


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