Use Jobs to Manage Project Type Jobs and WIP

When running large Projects it's important to know not just the Actual costs and sales that have been invoiced todate but what is left on Order to come in.

Knowing throughout the Project what the Expected Job Profit and Margin is likely to be, once everything is invoiced and all of the costs are in, will allow your Project Managers to make smarter decisions to keep their jobs on track and avoid nasty surprises.

Keep on top of Projects and WIP right from the start.

  • Set up a Budget in MYOB for each Project.
  • Enter all Contracted Revenue as Sales Orders
  • Convert Sales Orders to Invoices when billed
  • Enter all Subcontract costs as Purchase Orders.
  • Convert PO's to Bills when invoices received.
  • Monitor the Estimated Profit and Estimated GP% to identify any Project issues and to manage Cashflow. (Actuals - POs + SO's = Estimated Profit)
  • Drilldown to see detailed underlying transactions to investigate any issues.


Job Budget Analysis Report 

Using the Job Budget Analysis Report as the base you can create new Favourites to suit your Business needs.

To get you started take a look at the Favourite:

This report includes:

  • Actuals (Income, COS, Expenses, Profit, Margin)
  • Budget (Total "Job Budget" as entered in MYOB)
  • Variance (Actual v Budget)
  • Less: Purchase Orders - Still on Order and yet to come in
  • Plus: Sales Orders - Income yet to be Invoiced
  • Estimated Job Profit - $
  • Estimated Job GP - %

  1. Analyse by  Job Number to see one line per Job. 

  2. Group by the following dimensions to see jobs listed together with a Subtotal by:
    - Job Manager to see jobs listed by Manager
    - Customer if you have multiple Jobs per customer
    - Job Header to see like Jobs together
    Job Start or Finish dates  to see Jobs at a similar stage together

  3. Order or Sort by  Estimated GP Margin% to see problem Jobs come to the top.

  4. Filter by any dimension to focus your attention
    Job Manager to see jobs for one or a group of Managers
    - Customer to see jobs for one or a group of customers
    - Job Header to see only some of your Jobs
    Job Start or Finish dates  to see Jobs at a similar stage together
    Numeric Filter setup to report all Jobs with an Estimated GP% < say 25%

  5. Drilldown to see a Job broken down by GL Account

    Then Drilldown again to see Transaction Detail

  6. Need Help Getting Started with some of the above features?
    Click Here - to see our Getting Started Guide or
    Click Here - for Getting Started Training Videos

  7. Using % Complete in Jobs MYOB?
    Simply Hide the Full Budget column and Show the Budget Adjusted for % Complete using the +/- Cols feature.

  8. Total Budget Broken down by Income, COS and Expense
    Simply Hide the Full Budget column and Show the Budget Income, Budget COS and Budget Expenses  using the +/- Cols feature. See Point 7 Above.

  9. Export any of the above to Excel to calculate WIP
    We know you all have a different method to Calculate WIP and do Revenue Recognition!
    So using this one report we know most of you will be able to extract out the key Jobs data that you need to do your WIP calculation and more importantly keep completely on top of all of your Projects.

  10. Learn How to Supercharge your Jobs Reporting by using all of the fields on the Job Card  
    Click Here for more details on how to setup and use these other Job Card fields. 
    Use them to:
    - Filter,
    - Subtotal or
    - Sort your Jobs data.


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