Super charge your Jobs reporting to Better Manage Project Type Jobs

Managing Project Type Jobs, Committed Costs, Job Budgets  and monitoring WIP is made easy using the BI4Cloud Job Budget Analysis reports.

These "Job Budget Analysis" Report Favourites, designed to manage Project type Jobs, are all set with only one Filter preset, so will pickup and report on ALL:

  • ACTIVE Jobs 

When you first run these reports you may see all of your old Jobs that are long finished.

Filter to Focus On only Current Projects

  1. Inactive
  2. Start & End dates
  3. Job Manager
  4. Customer
  5. Job headers

1. Mark Jobs as Inactive in MYOB 

  • Inactive jobs can easily be Filtered out of our BI reports 
  • Inactive Jobs will not appear as an option to code transactions to in MYOB
  • Prevents new transactions being incorrectly posted to Old job numbers
  • Makes data entry easier as there are less job numbers to pick from
  • Jobs can easily be made Active again, just Untick the box

 2. Enter Start & Finish Dates

  • Filter by Start and Finish Date ranges
  • Report only Jobs Started this Month or This year etc.
  • See the whole of the Job in one column even if Income and Expenses occurred in different months or even years
  • Pivot on Start Date by Month to see the complete Job P&L 

3. Assign Job Manager

  • Filter to Report by individual Job manager
  • Give Job Managers the tools they need to take responsibility and do their job
  • Pivot by Job Manager to compare performance and profitability
  • Group by Job Manager to subtotal and organise your Jobs list
  • Don't have Job Managers, then use this field to track and report on any other dimension across your Jobs

4. Assign a Customer 

  • Filter to Report by Job Customer (where you have one Customer per Job)
  • Track Job profitability by Customer
  • Group by Job Customer to subtotal and organise your Jobs list 

5. Setup Job Headers to Group like Jobs together

  • Up to 4 Levels of Job Headers to create a Hierarchy
  • Filter by Job Headers 
  • Report at a Header Level
  • Click here for more help on setting up and using Job Headers

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