Dots - Why are there Dots "." in my report?

What does a "." in my Report mean?

Sometimes a dot "." will appear in your reports. 

This means that there are underlying transactions, however there is some information not available to be able to report on.

In the example below we have an Item Sales report that is set to "Analyse By" the Custom List "Customer Type". This Shows:

  • Reseller
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • "."

This means that some Customers "Do Not have a Customer Type against them" 

So the report puts sales for all of these Customers together under a dot as there is no Customer Type information to report.


How to fix a "." in my Report?

To fix this you need to fix the data in your Accounting system and then re-sync to BI4Cloud.

In this example you would need to add a Customer Type to the Customer card
- Click Here to see how to fix this particular example in MYOB.

We recommend that you setup a Type of Other or Misc if you have some Customers say that do not fit any of the Customer Types available. Then all data is allocated to a label and any Dots that appear indicate that this needs to be corrected.

How to find what data needs fixing

To quickly identify the data to fix.

Step 1

Change your "Analyse by" to the dimension you are trying to correct.

In this example we need to find the Customers with no Customer Type. So Analyse by Customer.

Step 2 

Group by the dimension that is reporting the Dot. 

In this example we need to find where the Customer Type is missing.

Step 3 

Scroll to the bottom. This will list all Customers with no Customer Type

Step 4

In your Accounting system add a Customer Type to all Customers that do not have one.

Step 5 

Refresh your Data sync to BI




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