Control User Access to Companies and Reports


In Bi4Cloud there are standard favourites we create for you and favourites you create yourself. These are all based on underlying reports that are grouped into areas, Accounts, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, etc.

Using User Admin you can control what report favourites each user can have access to by selecting the Report Groups they belong to. You can control this for existing users or for new users.

You can also control what Companies they will have access to.


Only BI4cloud Admin Users can setup Users and User Restrictions.

Select User Admin from the top menu after logging in.


The list of users will be shown along with a summary of the Companies and Report Groups they have access to. Click Edit to setup or change each users restrictions.


Any Company Restrictions and Report Group restrictions are displayed.

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 12.37.44 pm.png

To delete access to a Company press the X in the Company title.

To add a Company click in the white (blank) area of the company display box and select each company from the pull-down list to select it.


To delete access to a Report Group press the X in the Report Group title.

To add a Report Group click in the white (blank) area of the report group display box and select each Report Group from the pull-down list.

Don't forget to press Save when you're done.



What are the Groups that start with zz ?

These report groups contain report mappings and favourites that have been superseded. Your BI account may continue to have old user favourites that use these this allows you to continue to access these old reports. If in doubt leave these out as you can always add each back later.

We recommend you use the newer report mappings to recreate and replace any old reports that were based on zz report mappings. See the following links to learn more about the new reports:



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