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Submit a Support Request

  • Sign in using your BI4Cloud credentials
  • Create a new support ticket for each separate issue or question
  • Make the topic as meaningful as possible
  • Add screenshots or specific examples of transactions that have an issue


You can still request support by sending an email to  However we suggest this as the last resort. The email you send and each reply will contain all sorts of images such as your company logo and tag lines so the relevant  images of the problem get buried amongst logos and social media icons!

Ask the Community

New Feature Request? Post this on the Community so other users can comment  and vote for it.

Need help creating a new report? Post this on the Community so other users can also learn of new ways to create similar reports. 


Keep Track of Past Support Tickets & Community Posts

To access your past activities:

  • Click the down arrow next to your profile
  • Select My Activities
  • View and search on all of your Requests (Support Tickets)
  • View all of your Contributions (Community Posts or Votes)
  • View all Articles or Posts you are Following




Book an Appointment for Online Training or Support

To book a Zoom call for Online Training or Support, scroll down to the bottom of the main page or Click Here to go direct to our booking system.



How to Access the Help Centre

1. Click on Support tab on the main Admin page (available to BI Admin users only)


2. Click on the ? on the Login page at


3. Click on the In App Help Widget.


4. Bookmark the link -


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