Analysis Codes Comparison

Analysis codes provide a way to segment your business activity and allow you to analyse information by Department, Cost Centre, Program, Region etc.

The MYOB, QuickBooks Online and Xero products all implement analysis codes for categorisation of GL Account Activity. 

logo-myob-60.pngMYOB Implements analysis codes as Categories and Jobs. More

logo-qbo-60.pngQuickBooks Online implements these as Locations and Classes. More

logo-xero-60.pngXero implements analysis codes as Tracking Category. More

Transaction Entry of Analysis Codes

The analysis codes are entered in transaction entry screens and each product differs on where these are entered. Schematically represented here



Budgeting by Analysis Codes


  • no ability to budget at Category
  • can only budget a whole Job not by Month

bi-logo-trans.png Bi4Cloud adds Monthly Job Budget and Category Budget functionality  

QuickBooks Online

  • Budgets can be manually entered for Locations or Classes 
  • The entered budgets can be read by add-on solutions like Bi4cloud

bi-logo-trans.png Bi4Cloud integrates the QuickBooks Online Class budgets and also allows users to load in Class budgets to BI4cloud


  • Budgets can be entered for Tracking Codes
  • Tracking Code Budgets entered in Xero are not available in the Xero API

bi-logo-trans.png Bi4Cloud adds Monthly Tracking Category Budget functionality  


Analysis Code Hierarchy

Analysis code hierarchy gives you the ability to create header analysis codes to simplify complex analysis structures.

For example a Not For Profit could use analysis codes for each of their Programs and then generate a P&L by program. They may wish to then group these by the Program Manager analysis code. Then reporting can be summarised and filtered by Program Manager.

Analysis Code Hierarchy is a nice to have and can simplify your reporting 


  • No hierarchy in GL Categories
  • Hierarchy in Jobs using Job Headers but no internal MYOB reporting uses it

Using Bi4Cloud the Job header hierarchy is implemented and reports can be summarised, grouped and filtered by Job and the Job hierarchy


  • Hierarchy can be defined for Classes
  • QuickBooks Online provides reporting by Class

Using Bi4Cloud the Class hierarchy is implemented and reports can be summarised, grouped and filtered by Class and the Class hierarchy


  • No Tracking Code hierarchy exists

Bi4Cloud can report on the Xero Tracking categories and if you can code the Tracking Codes with "-" or ":" seperator Bi4Cloud will use this as hierarchy. Learn how to Implement Tracking Categories with hierarchy


bi-logo-trans.png Reporting Functionality with Analysis Codes

Bi4Cloud uses a business intelligence (BI) tool to implement reports. This BI tool summarises your data in various dimensions of the underlying Accounting system. You can choose the dimension to Analysis, Filter by or Group by which gives you complete report flexibility.

This is represented schematically here.



Bi4Cloud provide over 50 default favourites which you can use to refine to define your own report needs.

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