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Using Xero Tracking Categories is a great way to capture divisions or segments in a business while keeping a simple Chart of Accounts. Tracking Categories allow you to report on sales and the profitability of each division and not just the total business.

The challenge however is how to then report efficiently by Tracking Category. Xero allows up to 100 Tracking Options to be created in each of the two Tracking Categories.  The Tracking Options are just a long list of names with no way to group similar TC Options together.


BI4Cloud solves this by dynamically creating a Tracking Category hierarchy for Xero.

Levels are determined  by analysing the Tracking Option names looking for either  ' - ' or ":" as separators in the name and these treat the Left Side of the separator as the parent of the Right side. 

Up to 4 levels of hierarchy are supported.

Example 1 - Tracking Category called Venue

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 12.59.34 pm.png

Example 2 - Tracking Category called Events

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 1.45.50 pm.png

When reporting in BI4Cloud, the Tracking Category and the Levels appear as they are named in Xero. 

Simply choose this as a dimension to appear in reports or to Filter or Group any data by.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 1.39.51 pm.png

Profit & Loss - Pivot by Event as Columns

Displays each individual Tracking Option as a column across the page. With a large number of Tracking Options this can quickly become a challenge to report on.

Classic - by Level 2.png


Profit & Loss - Pivot by Event Level 1 as Columns

Displays each Event Level 1 as a column across the page. This groups together data for all of the individual Events that appear together under each Level based on the name e.g. all of the Classic events group together.


Profit & Loss - Filter for Classic and Pivot by Event Level 2 as Columns

By Filtering for only where Event Level 1 = Classic and pivoting on the Event Level 2 as a column across the page this groups together all of the Fundraising Events ( Level 3) together. 


See also Xero : Tracking Category for Reporting and Budgets


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