Bi4Cloud + Xero: Inventory Values

logo-xero-60.pngCan Bi4Cloud report Inventory Levels ?

Stock on Hand Yes  
Stock on Order    Yes
Stock Committed   No


Xero provides basic Inventory

Items can be Purchased, Sold and Inventory can be tracked

There is no Goods Receipting - when a Purchase Order converts to a Bill then the Item  is considered to be in Stock - receipted.

There is no Stock Release/ Shipped - when a Quote is converted to an Invoice then the Item has been released.

Reporting on Stock values in Bi4Cloud is compromised.

Bi4 Inventory can report on

- Stock On Hand (SOH) 

- Stock On Order ( PO Outstanding)

- But not Committed Stock ( Quote Outstanding)

The later is because the Xero API does not allow access to Quotes. This is discussed in detail in ZenDesk ticket #3135

Because the Committed Stock cannot be determined then reports that provide Inventory vs Sales or Inventory Cover will only provide information of actual outward stock movement.


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