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Xero Profit & Loss data can be presented in a variety of ways. Changing the style of presentation can help users to better understand how a business is performing be it compared to budget, compared to prior periods, across divisions (using Tracking Categories) or seeing monthly or quarterly trends.

BI4Cloud P&L reports over Xero are incredibly flexible, start by taking a look at the following Default Favourite reports. Use these as a guide to start building and saving your own bespoke P&L reports.

Report Types

P&L - Detail (Analyze type report)


To learn more about using the the P&L Detail report see P&L Reporting - Getting Started

P&L - Act v Bud MTD v YTD (Compare Dates type report)


To learn more about using Compare type reports including hiding columns, adding variances and drill down see Compare - Awesome Date Comparison

P&L - Monthly (Pivot type report - to see multiple dimensions at once)


To learn more about using Pivot type reports including adding and hiding fields, using Horizontal and Vertical Pivots formats see Pivot - To see Multiple Dimensions at once.

P&L - Summary Monthly (Pivot type report)


To learn more about using Tracking Categories to create P&L reports 

P&L - Act v Bud inc LYR - Ultimate Month End P&L by Account (Classic month end P&L) 

As flexible as the above reports are (they are all based on the one BI4 GL Profit & Loss II report) we have had to create a special hard coded P&L report ( BI4 GL Profit & Loss Forecast) to be able to produce the Ultimate Month end P&L which is a Classic P&L format that includes columns for all of the following reporting options:

  • Actual vs Budget
  • Month To Date vs Year To Date vs Last Year
  • Full Year Budget vs Forecast where Forecast = BudgetFullYear - ActualsYTD

Using the BI4 GL Profit & Loss Forecast report, select the Date Range for the Month End to report on, then use the +/- Cols to choose which columns to show, hide or to re-order them.


Using Tracking Categories for Divisions? Turn the BI4 GL Profit & Loss Forecast  into a Divisional P&L.  To learn more about using Tracking Categories to create P&L reports 


To learn more about using the BI4 GL Profit & Loss Forecast report including changing columns, rows and subtotals see P&L Forecast - Ultimate Month End.

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