Sales Performance by Supplier

The Supplier Performance Workbook allows you to focus on how much each Supplier contributes to your Total Sales and Margins and how that is changing over time.  Use to Benchmark Suppliers, identify underperforming Product Groups and Items.

The workbook analyses Sales Volumes and Margins across the following 5 tabs.

Overview Tab

The Overview tab presents the headline Sales and Margin values 

and sales volume attributed to suppliers, grouped by monthly sales for the trailing 12 months.


Brand / Supplier Tab

Items Sales Chart grouped by Month, tabular results for results fornthe Item group by Supplier and also Supplier Sales TY and LY. The reprt tab can be filtered by Supplier and State


Radar Item By Supplier Tab

Item Sales performance in unit quantity sold for a selected Supplier(s) can be displayed graphically comparing performance by Item of this year versus last year. The two colour radar allows year to year performance variances to be easily seen.


Radar Top 20 Products

Charts Qty Sales This Year vs Last for the top 20 products sold this year.


Top Suppliers Chart

Suppliers sales this Year vs Last Year. The comparison chart visualises new product lines vs terminating product lines.




This workbook requires your business to record  inventory and to link inventory Items to suppliers. Sales of inventory Items are then analysed and matched back to teh Suppliers. If your business uses custom lists to manage supplier brands then this workbook can have the supplier dimension augmented with the custom list brand dimension.


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