Accounts Profit & Loss - Overview

The Accounts Profit & Loss Workbook provides an overview of Company Performance from activity to Year to Last Month and against Budget.

The Accounts Profit & Loss Workbook is a base template to demonstrate the many different ways you can begin to analyse the Profit and Loss across your business. These are shown as individual Tabs.

Look through the following Tabs and use these examples to further build and customise your very own Workbooks. Change date ranges, add filters for Divisions, run more summary high level or more detailed reports then Save and Share with your team. 

Overview - Year to Year

The Overview  tab graphically presents Income v Profit This Year v Last and below this, Expense and COGS for the full year. To the right  KPI of YTD Income , Expenses and Profit  The report utilises colour coded trend indicators and values present on a bar charted background to highlight their contribution. 



Overview - Year to Budget

If you have budgets in the connected accounting system then this visualisation will show Actual vs Budgets and has similar KPI to the above tab.



Year to Date Profit and Loss

This is  classic Profit and Loss or Income Statement. The example shows % and coloured trend icons are available for Actual / Budget, Variance to Budget  and Actual Last Yr % variance.

P&L - YTD Profit & Loss.png

Profit Chart

Displays Monthly Income, COGS and Expenses as bars along with YTD Net Profit as a Line chart.


P&L - Profit Chart.png

Quarterly Profit and Loss

Shows  Actuals v Budget and Variance pivoting by Quarter. Other time periods can be chosen e.g. Yearly.



Monthly Profit and Loss

Classic Profit & Loss pivoting on Monthly Actuals only, great to see monthly trends by P&L account.

P&L - P&L by Mth.png

Transactions By Month Profit and Loss

This example shows the flexibility of Bi4Cloud in that the rows can be customised to report on nearly any dimension even calendar months.

P&L - Trans by mth.png

Expense Sources

This radar chart shows Top 20 Expense Sources - This Year vs Last Year and the quantum if the expense particularly clear. The top 20 is chosen so minor expenses don't clutter the chart


Income Sources

This radar chart shows Top 20 Income Sources - This Year vs Last Year.

The top 20 is chosen so minor expenses don't clutter the chart

When Inventory system are used there will often be few Income Account because the analysis detail is in the Inventory Sub Ledger. For non-inventory systems the income detail is often coded to the GL accounts making this visualisation quite useful.



Income Vs Expense


Income Bar Chart

Simple Income Bar Chart, stacked by Income accounts in the P&L, this can be customised to be stacked by any other dimension e.g. by Division (Job/Tracking Category/Location/Class).

Setup to show Monthly income over a rolling twelve month period.

P&L - Income Bar Chart.png

Profit and Loss by GL Tag

This shows a Profit and Loss by GL Tag.  GL Tags in Bi4cloud Accounts allow you to categorise GL accounts into groups or costs centres. An example in a restaurants, GL Account for beverage income and expense can be assigned a GL Tag Beverage  and  Accounts for food assigned to Food. After that when this report is run then it will show these tags as Income and Expense by this cost centre.

Learn about GL Tags



Profit and Loss by Flexi Level

Flexi Levels in BI4Cloud allow you to re-organise the Chart of Accounts (COA) to report your own custom P&L format. Group Accounts together or move them around.

When these Flexi Levels are created then Profit and Loss reports can be produced with Summary and Sorting that is different to the underlying COA.

Learn about Flexi-Levels









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