33 Million Mobile users and a 512,000 line report


Myanmar now has at least 33 million active mobile subscriptions in a country with an official population of 53 million. Smartphone usage rate is reported at 80%.

Viber estimates that it has 18 million active users in the country – meaning that almost 1 in 2 of all active cell phones in the country have Viber installed on them.

 The 30-second grab - Unlimited Channel


  • Mobile Phone Distributor
  • Volumes outgrew MYOB
  • Datapel WMS for volume coupled with MYOB

 Why BI4Cloud ?

  • Flexibility of reports by region by sales rep
  • Needed BI grunt to process huge volumes of sales

The impact of this is that smart phone distributors have experienced enormous growth. Business partner Reena Chew of Seasoft Malaysia has first hand experience  of this.

Reena's client Unlimited Channel, Myanmar grew so quickly they needed a system to keep pace and choose the Datapel warehouse management solution.

The reporting needs are equally comprehensive and Reena had them signup for BI4Cloud. Immediately after they synchronised there data the client was producing reports but they hit a snag.

BI4Cloud ships with 80 favourites and one of these was Detail Item Sales for the Last 12 months however when they ran the report there was a problem - took 3 1/2 minutes to run . . . once we investigated the reason was obvious. The report generated 512,000 lines of sales data and this loaded onto the screen - clearly volume is success that they don't need to see the whole 12 months but rather filter for specific periods to do they analysis. If was a simple matter to change this and save the favourite to be more specific to their need, a job that took 5 minutes to change and the report and the now runs in less that 10 seconds.

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