Evaluating Bi4Cloud

Effortless Business Intelligence is 5 minutes away

BI4Cloud can be trialled free for 14 days.

You start your trial by doing four simple steps.

  1. Signup for your free trial
  2. Connect to a company file
  3. Sync the data to BI4Cloud
  4. Start using BI4cloud to analyse your business.

Are you new to Business Intelligence? Read BI for Newbies

Signup and Connect a file

See how easy it is in this two minute clip.



That's really easy. If you need more information about the sign up steps see Setting Up Your Free Trial.

5 minutes away

As you see in five minutes you can connect to our demo database Bluewater and you can run our favourites and work through some of our articles. If you set aside 30 minutes you will get a feel for what Bi4Cloud can do for you using our demo data.

But using our demo won't give you insights into your business.

Your trial account has all the BI features available and you'll get the best evaluation by connecting a real company.

The power of BI4Cloud is best appreciated with your own data which you understand. 

Note: When you connect your real company data the time it takes to sync the data to the Bi4Cloud servers can vary depending upon the amount of data, accordingly the first sync can take a few minutes to and hour.

Now I'm connected what's next ?

Go to my.bi4cloud.com and login. Click the Report icon and then try our favourites. These favourites are simply examples of what can be done with Bi4Cloud. You can customise any favourite to produce the output you need. To learn how visit our help centre.

Our Help centre includes short training videos, articles and an appointment system where you can book a demo or further training https://www.bi4cloud.com/help/

You can work thru specific examples of using Bi4Cloud to solve real problems. Choose your type of business.

Inventory Sales Business 

Jobs, Cost Centres and Project Business

The Bi4Cloud tool in the right hands is exceptional for the people who know what to look for.

Read how some of our Clients and Advisors have been helped with BI4cloud in their business.

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