Cool Charts - Dynamic Sales Analysis

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Liven up your Sales meetings with this fun, visual and interactive Sales Analysis tool.
Quickly see your top $Sales by:

  • Sales rep
  • Items, Product Groups or Brands
  • Customers, Customer Groups 
  • Daily over the past Week, Month, Quarter or Year

Access your sales data from any browser including an iPad.

Using Cool Charts

  1. Launch - Click on the iceberg icon in the BI menu or the BI toolbar to start.

  2. Date Range - First time you run, it will show last month's sales data, change the date range and it will remember for next time.

  3. Filter - Click on any Customer, Item, Grouping, Sales rep etc to filter and focus, see the Sales data change. Click again to remove the filter.

  4. Clear Filters - To clear all Filters while keeping the date range you have set.

  5. Hover - To see the actual $Sales amount.

  6. Top 10, 20, 30 or 40 - Change the level depending on your data.

  7. Dimensions - Change the dimension each chart shows depending on your data and on your business.

  8. Custom Groupings -Use to categorise and group your data, then use in the Cool Charts.
    QuickBooks -  Use Class and Locations. 
    Xero - Use Tracking Categories
    MYOB - Use Customer and Item Custom Lists (each have up to 3)  Click here to see how to set these up.
    - Brands
    - Product Groups
    - Wine Varieties
    - Customer Buying Groups
    - Customer Types

  9. Customer Sales Rep v Invoice Salesperson (MYOB) - What's the difference? Click here to see why these are different and how to use them.

  10. Back to Reports - Takes you back to the regular BI reports 

  11. Airplane Mode - Disconnect from the Internet and keep running Cool Charts until you close your browser or click Restart

  12. Restart - Reload all of your Sales data.



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