P&L Forecast Report - the Ultimate Month End report

Now available, out of the box, using BI4Cloud in the One Ultimate Month End P&L report:

  • Actual v Budget
  • Month to date v Year to date v Last year
  • Full year Budget v Forecast 
  • By Account or Summary P&L

1.To run this same report over the Jobs P&L instead of GL Click here
2. For a Sharper more focused P&L, Streamline your Chart of Accounts 

Run it as is or Hide a few Columns if you only want some not all of the above Options.

Columns Available

  • Month to Date
    - Actual
    - Budget
    - Variance $
    - Variance %
    - Actual Last Year
  • Year to Date
    - Actual
    - Budget
    - Variance $
    - Variance %
    - Actual Last Year
  • Full Year
    - Forecast (Actual up to Month to date + Balance of budget for remaining months) 
    - Budget
    - Variance $
    - Variance %

To Add/Remove and Reorder Columns

Click on +/- Cols icon.

Choose Columns to Show or Hide, use Green arrows to Reorder Columns.

 Rows Available = Analyse by

Use the Analyse by to see the options for the level of detail in Rows:

  • Account - The lowest level by GL Detail account
  • Category (although you cannot budget by MYOB Category)
  • GL Account Level 1, 2, 3, 4 - Header Accounts - Click here to learn how to setup Header accounts
  • GL Custom Lists - e.g Cost Centre/Division/State - Click here for more info

Sub-totals Available = Group by

Use the Group by feature to add one or more Sub-total Levels.

What you choose to sub-total on will depend on what level of detail you have set for the rows.

The standard Favourite (see above) is set up with two levels of Sub-totals as follows:

  • Analyse by - Account (GL Detail Account)
  • Group by  - Account GL Level 2 - A high Level Header account
  • Group by Level 2 - Account Classification - Income /COS/Expenses

To edit the Sub-totals or Group by levels click on the Green +

Edit the 1st and 2nd Group by Sub-totals

Example - High Level P&L

  • Analyse by - GL Account Level 2 (how to Streamline your COA)
  • Group by - Account Classification

Example Divisional P&L

  • Analyse by - State (GL Custom List)
  • Group by - Account Classification


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