Multiple Company Consolidation Setup


Multiple company files can be combined into a Group file and reported on as either a total consolidated group  or showing individual companies totalling to the group. Data from each company is combined at transaction detail level and if in different currencies will be translated to the Group Reporting Currency.




Setup Consolidated Group

Login to BI4Cloud to see the Administrator screen


To Add a new group select the Add New Group Icon. If you do not see this icon select the  Organisation tab from the top menu and then scroll down until you see the checkbox Advanced Database. Set this to Yes and Save.

To Edit an existing group select the ToolBox icon (Setup column) against the existing group file and in the next screen choose to edit the connection settings. 

The Group selection screen will be displayed.


Once member companies are added press Save and the Group will be created and data will sync.

Note: You can only create one Consolidated Group so we suggest you select all companies at this step to create the Group. 

Later when creating reports in BI you can simply Filter to include only some companies in any report.

Set Reporting Currency

When combining files of the same currency the Company Currency is not required.

If combining files with multiple currencies enter the Reporting Currency for the Group when creating the Group entity and then select the companies to be members of the group.

Each member company is assumed to have a default functional / local currency of USD. To change the default currency, enter the local currency of each company first by choosing the Toolbox icon (Setup) against the company. When done return to creating the group.

Running Reports

Once setup learn how to Report on consolidated Data using BI4Cloud.

When running reports in a Group Company all the Money amounts will be displayed translated into the Reporting Currency specified for the Group.

In the Profit and Loss reports you can also display the Actual Local amounts as well as the translated amounts. In all other reports if you need to see the Local currency then run those reports against the individual company instead of the Group.


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