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When combining several companies together the  Chart of Accounts in each company can have name and account number differences between the accounts.

This causes issues with alignment of layout in reports. For example the report below show patient fees and patient refunds on two separate lines because the account numbers are different.

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Account Align Feature

A cool stuff program Account Align assist you in mapping to a single chart of accounts

Account alignment is available from the cool stuff menu show in the red box on this screen


If the words GL Account Alignment are not blue then that means that the reference company that serves as the master chart of accounts has not yet been chosen or the current select company is the reference company.

To choose the refrence company click on the organisation menu option in the main screen and look for the field labelled Which company is your master COA ? and choose a company from the pulldown list.


Once that is done then select the company to have the accounts aligned  by choosing the cool stuff button for that company and selecting GL Account Align for the above menu

The program will select Accounts in each company with the same Account Classification and attempt to match based upon

  • The Account Numbers Match

  • The Account Descriptions Match

The matched are then displayed and  the user to manually match other accounts using the pulldown list. The pulldown list will list the unmatched accounts in the same Account Classification of the reference company.

The manually aligned accounts will show the account they are now aligned to as well as a blue dot which indicates it wa changed and also that can be hovered over to show the original account number and name.


When complete press Save to exit the Account Align program and write the changes away.

Note: Although the Align program automatically aligns account as stated above it does not save this because it requires your verification so you will need to press Save if you want these alignments saved.

Further companies can be chosen and aligned.  Once complete the choose the consolidated company and refresh it and the consolidated company will contain the accounts as per the account alignment above.

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