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Families who have a member with a disability are funded by the Govt.  Those funds are received by us and we need to report back to the Govt how those funds were used.

In order to do that we record every expense with the following information - A/c# - Name of A/c - Amount - Job # (every family has a different job#) - Memo - Tax. 

The Memo is very important, there we record the # of hours care was given or whether the expense was for therapy or a chemist bill etc

When we run the Job Activity Detail report it doesn't give us the information we put in the Memo, nor does it give us a balance.

When we run the Transactions Accrual report it does give us a balance but again no details under the Memo. 

Previously when we used Account Right + 19 all that information was available.

Am I missing something?  I have tried every report available but the Memo information does not appear.

HI Mary,

It sounds like you are embarking on the NDIS.

We are an MYOB Add-on Reporting software (Business Intelligence for MYOB  )

Our Detail Jobs reports (working with AR Live) will give you both the:

- Job Transaction Memo and

- Job Transaction Description (Line item level) 

See an example attached  run to excel.

However, I want to also let you know about some other initiatives that we have recently been working with MYOB, Deloitte and "Ageing, Disability and Home Care" (ADHC)  on that may be of significant help to you.

We have been working on an NGO Financial Management Pilot program.  

The main aim of the Pilot was to assist MYOB users who are moving to NDIS funding to be able to:

  • Determine the unit cost/time incurred for their services for individual participants;

  • Gain an understanding of value for money so that they can explain pricing and structure to the people they support;

  •  Identify areas for improvement in their business and potential risks for maintaining services; and

  •  Understand and better manage cash flow issues associated with moving from block to fee for service arrangements. 

In practice we discovered some of  the biggest challenges facing the NGO's we worked with were how to use MYOB to:

  • Track time incurred on each particpant/service
  • Individually invoice the NDIA for each service in a timely manner (critical for cashflow)
  • Track all invoices by particpant and by service item to be able to compare to their funding package
  • Reconcile Money recieved  from the NDIA
  • Report on all of the above in a flexible manner at the Organsation/Participant/ Service Item/ Service Provider  level etc.

We have prepared some recommendations on how NGO's can use MYOB by using Jobs, Job Headers and  Activity/Time billing to streamline the processes to track and invoice for NDIS services. 

In addition using Business Intelligence for MYOB software NGO's will be able to:

- create a load file from MYOB invoices that can be loaded into the NDIA Portal

- produce detailed/summary and very flexible Jobs reports and Activity/Time billings reports by participant, by service delivery and at summary level (using Job Headers).

The issue you have with trying to keep track of time spent on individual participants by entering it into the transaction memo is one of the many we encountered with other NGO's.  While doing this for a small number of participants may work when you move to hundreds of participants it may not be practical to have all of this level of detail locked away in a memo field.  MYOB can capture hours, it can capture the NDIS service item being provided, This will enable you to easily and accurately report what services were provided to which participants on what date, but also allow you to look at your Organisation at a higher lever. Totalling up the number of service type XXX provided this month, this quarter this year, by Service Worker  etc.

We would be very happy to discuss this further with you. 

Jennifer Kelly CA
BI4Cloud- powered by Interactive Reporting
02 8011 1511
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