Can I change the email used for Invoice delivery?

Billing Email Address can be Changed - After you have Subscribed

By Default we automatically use the original Admin User's email address to deliver Tax Invoices whenever we charge your credit card.

If after you have subscribed - 
Please contact us at to change your Billing email address




Billing Email Address can be Changed - Before you Subscribe

You are able to change the email address that Invoices are delivered to Before you Subscribe:

  1. Login to your account (Admin User must Login)
  2. Click on the Organisation Tab
  3. Update the Billing Email Address
  4. Save Changes



Looking for Copies of Old Invoices?

Each time your credit card is charged for your BI4Cloud subscription you will immediately be emailed a Tax Invoice to your Billing Email Address.

This email also includes the following link:

You can view the invoice and all past invoices online at:

  • Click on the Link to see your current Invoice; then
  • Click on View all invoices to access copies of older invoices

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