Payment - Add Payment details/Add users/ Change plans


Use the Payment Page to:

- See Current Subscription plan and Expiry date

- Choose or Upgrade your Plan (e.g. Professional to Enterprise)

- Add additional users or additional company files

- Add/Update Credit card payment details

Current Subscription

Check your Current Subscription plan level and expiry date.

Choose or Upgrade Plan

Click on "Plan" to choose or upgrade your Plan. 


Add Additional Users or Additional Company files

Simply select the Plan you want to upgrade and add users and company files:

  • Enterprise 3   = 3 Users and 3 Company files of Enterprise edition
  • Professional 5 = 5 Users and 5 Company files of Professional edition

Click Bill My Card to save.
A pro-rata charge for the additional users/companies will not be processed until the next renewal date of your plan.


Credit Card Details - Add or Update

Add or update Credit card details.
Enter the Full name as it appears on the Card (including any Company name).

Click Bill My Card to save.
A payment will be processed when you first subscribe.
If upgrading a payment will not be processed until the next renewal date of your plan.




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