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Bi4Cloud has an integration with Xero enabling Xero users to have access to Bi4Cloud reporting, charting, emailing and consolidation features.

Trying BI4Cloud on Xero is really easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. Signup for a Bi4Cloud 14-day free trial
  2. Connect your Xero companies
  3. Start Analysing

SignUp for a Bi4Cloud Account

When you sign Up for a Bi4cloud account you get 14 days free. Here's the link. We will ask you for an email address and password that you will use to sign in. More details here

The form looks like this


Connect your Xero Company

After completing the Sign Up your be directed to the BI Admin Console. If you are not automatically redirected there you can go to and login. The Admin form looks like this. To connect a company to BI4Cloud click the + Add Company icon.


You will now select the account package to connect to - chose Xero


and you be re-directed to the Xero login page. Login using your Xero credentials.

Note you must have Standard or Advisor access to connect a company to BI4Cloud.


Choose the company to connect


Bi4Cloud will then read the Organisation info and display the Organisation name and a refresh start date calculated using the Organisation Current Financial Year start minus 1 year so we get last year and this years information. Click Save



The next few screens are needed because currently the connection uses Xero Public API. The Public API has some limitations

  • You will be asked to authorise the connection again.
  • There is no automatic sync.
  • Each time you request a refresh you will need to re-authenticate.
  • ONLY ONE FILE AT A TIME CAN SYNC and must wait until complete before starting another
  • ONLY 1 user can initiate SYNC
  • SYNC only works from the BI Admin Console
  • The sync must finish with 30 minutes

In the next fews weeks we will receive the initial Partner App Xero certification  which will lift these limitations. After that time we will provide persistent connections with automatic sync

You will get a warning about authorising the connection again


Then the authorisation screen. You must choose the same company you chose above.


This will flash up


then this


You will then be returned to the BI Admin console. Be patient and wait for the Last Extract time to display against your file (the screen redisplays every minute). The first refresh can take a long time depending on your data. When it's done we will send you an email. 


Whether you went away and received the email or waited you will see a screen similar to the display below.


 You can customise the spark charts by clicking on the info button and selecting the chart style and then press the Company from the menu. Here Sales and GL Spark chart is selected. These spark charts are intended to provide a thumbnail of each companies activity.









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