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Bi4Cloud has an integration with QuickBooks Online enabling QuickBooks Online users to have access to Bi4Cloud reporting, charting, emailing and consolidation features.

You can connect your QuickBooks Online company following the instructions below or to learn more about how Bi4Cloud adds features to QuickBooks read Bi4Cloud + QuickBooks Online.

Trying BI4Cloud on QuickBooks Online is really easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. Signup for a Bi4Cloud 14-day free trial*
  2. Sync your QuickBooks Online companies
  3. Analyse your Business
Already a BI4Cloud user ?
If so drop us an email at with the subject "QuickBooks Online trial" and we will add additional slots so you can trial your QuickBooks Online files

SignUp for a Bi4Cloud Account

When you sign Up for a Bi4cloud account you get 14 days free. Here's the link. We will ask you for an email address and password that you will use to sign in. More details here

The form looks like this


Connect your QuickBooks Online Company

After completing the Sign Up you will be directed to the BI Admin Console. If you are not automatically redirected then go to and login. The Admin form looks like this. To connect a company to BI4Cloud click the + Add Company icon.


You will now select the accounting package to connect to - choose QuickBooks Online by clicking the green icon shown below

SignUp00 QBO.png

and you be re-directed to the QuickBooks Online login page. Login using your QuickBooks Online credentials.

Note Only 1 person can connect the QuickBooks Online company to BI4Cloud.


You will be asked to allow QuickBooks Online to connect to BI4cloud. You need to press connect


Then Bi4Cloud will then read the Company info and display the Company name. You may wish to edit the Company name that appears in Bi4Cloud.


 You will receive a dialog indicating the the sync request has been scheduled.


You will then be returned to the BI Admin console. and  the Refresh Icon will blink green/ orange.

You will be notified by email once the sync completes. We also display the Last Extract time against your file . The first company sync can take a long time depending on your data. 


How long for first sync?

Bi4Cloud can provide transaction detail reporting and so the sync process extracts transaction level information. The first sync is a Full sync and accesses the entire history of the company file. Subsequent syncs are Incremental and only extract changes since the last extract. 

The duration of the first sync depends upon the volume of transaction in your company file. You can expect a first sync to take 15 to 25 minutes and subsequent syncs 5 minutes. If you have 20 years of data expect 60 minutes and subsequent sync around 6 minutes.

Whether you went away and received the email or waited you will see a screen similar to the display below.


 You can customise the spark charts by clicking on the info button and selecting the chart style and then press the Company from the menu. Below the Sales and GL Spark chart have been selected. These spark charts are intended to provide a thumbnail of each companies activity.


I'm Connected - What Now ?

We suggest you login to your BI4cloud account at and try the default favourites we have created running on your data.

There are several resources available so you can chose what works for you depending on your preferences.

1. I like to watch - Plenty of video resources at See It

2. I like to read - Articles on using BI4Cloud at Getting Started

3. I like to be shown - Book a free 15 mins free dem or buy some consultant time at Booking Appointment

4. Also this article on Getting Support can help


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