BI4Cloud + MYOB AccountRight Live - Connect a Trial

Bi4Cloud supports reporting on your company when using MYOB AccountRight Live MYOB's cloud service. In this article we shall describe the process for connecting to MYOB's cloud service. 

After Sign Up the system will display the BI Admin Console. You can also get to this Console by logging in at


You can connect a company file by selecting "+ Add Company"

Before you do this you should ensure you have the following:

  • A login to and have been granted access to the company file you wish to connect to
  • Know the Administrator password for the MYOB company file

Note: Depending on the size of your company file the first sync can take considerable time to complete.

If that's all go then press "+ Add Company" and web page showing all the available connection types will be shown. Look for the MYOB AccountRight logo

SignUp00 ARL.png

Click on the MYOB logo - you will then be taken to MYOB to login using your MYOB credentials:



Note: We do not have access to your MYOB credentials.

If you have not connected an AccountRight Live company file to BI4Cloud before, MYOB will ask you if you wish to grant access to the company files you have linked to your account:


Click on Allow access to grant access. Once you do this, you will be taken back to your company dashboard where you will be able to select the company file you wish to connect:



Select the company file, if an Administrator password is required, you will be prompted:

Enter in the Administrator password, then click on Save Changes. Once the company has been saved, a sync of your company file will then take place. You will receive an email once the sync is complete.

Note: Depending on the size of your company file the first sync can take considerable time to complete.

To access BI4Cloud use any PC or tablet,  open a web browser and goto and login

I'm Connected - What Now ?

We suggest you login to your BI4cloud account at and try the default favourites we have created running on your data.

There are several resources available so you can chose what works for you depending on your preferences.

1. I like to watch - Plenty of video resources at See It

2. I like to read - Articles on using BI4Cloud at Getting Started

3. I like to be shown - Book a free 15 mins free dem or buy some consultant time at Booking Appointment

4. Also this article on Getting Support can help

Happy Analysing.

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