MYOB ARLive - When and How to Force a Full BI4Cloud Data Refresh

First Full Data Sync

The first time you connect an MYOB AccountRight Live file to Bi4Cloud  the Data sync  pulls all historical data.
This is a FULL Sync.  This Full sync may take a long time if your file is large.

Simple (Incremental) Data Sync

Thereafter Bi4Cloud does a Simple (Incremental) Sync, each night or when you manually click the green Refresh icon. The Simple Sync only extracts any new or changed transactions so where possible is looking for incremental changes. 

This is much faster however can occasionally get unstuck. The cause can be imports of data or bulk edits of data or sometimes an add, update or delete is missed. In these cases you may then need to Force a FULL  data sync.

When to Force a Full Data Sync

You should manually Force a Full Sync  after you make major changes to your MYOB file  e.g.:

  • Upgrade MYOB file
  • Export data and re-import (e.g. Customer or Item cards)

You should manually Force a Full Sync if your BI4cloud Reports have Data issues  e.g. if you see:

  • Duplicate Data
  • Old Transactions Deleted from MYOB (Simple Sync cannot pickup deletions suggest you either credit out or $0 out transactions and not Delete them)
  • Changes in MYOB records e.g. against Customer Cards etc. not picked up in BI4Cloud

How to Force a Full Data Sync

To Force Bi4Cloud to run another Full Sync:

  • Login to your Bi4Cloud account as an Admin User at
  • Click the red setup button against the company you wish to sync in FULL.


  1. If you want to Force Full Sync the next time the system syncs the connected file then check the box.  That is shown as badge with a (1) in red circle below
  2. If you want to Force Full Sync Immediately press the button with the blue cIrcular arrows. This is show as badge with a (2) in a red circle



Once the Full Sync is completed the Next sync  will revert back to a Simple (Incremental), you do not need untick the box.

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