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Bi4Cloud automatically refreshes data to the BI Cloud servers. This is done after 2am everyday so that the data for your BI reports is ready for you at the start of each day. It's also required so that automatically scheduled emailed reports contain the up-to-date information.

When you run a cloud accounting file (MYOB AccountRight Live, Xero or QuickBooks Online) we connect directly to your cloud file. See below how to Refresh data for Cloud files.

When running the BI Connector to connect to a local data file - Click Here

Manual Refresh

BI Admin users will see a panel like the one below after logging into 

Click on the Refresh icon (Green Arrows)


Refresh from Within BI4Cloud

You can also request a manual data refresh from within the BI application.

Refresh Data using the green double arrow on the main screen


Refresh Data using the icon in the report screen (circled in red).

Check when your data was "Last Updated"  (green square) when you run a report that has date information.

Refresh_-_report.png Once you press the arrows you'll get a dialogue telling you the request is scheduled and you will be emailed once it is complete.


Are we done yet?

Getting impatient? If you press it again before it's done or someone else makes a refresh request before it's done then a dialog will display indicating it's already in progress.


Simple (Incremental) v Full Data Refresh 

Where possible we try to just pick up new or changed transactions, we call this a Simple or  Incremental Data Refresh.

This is much faster however can occasionally get unstuck. The cause can be imports of data or bulk edits of data or sometimes an add, update or delete is missed. In these cases you may then need to Force a FULL  data sync

To Force BI4Cloud to execute another FULL sync of your complete data file see -




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