Moving from MYOB Classic to ARLive

BI4Cloud also works with ARLive (0n the Cloud) and MYOB ARLive (On a Server).

Moving to ARLive - on the Cloud

As ARLive on the Cloud is a different product and the File is on the Cloud we connect directly to the MYOB Cloud to refresh your data.

If you have upgraded your old Classic file you will no longer need the BI Connector program.

First you will need to:

  • Disconnect your Old Desktop MYOB file from BI4Cloud
  • Uninstall the Connector software
  • Instructions  - Click Here

Once you have your New MYOB file on the Cloud you can simply:

  • Follow these Instructions - Click Here
  • "Add new company" from the Companies tab when you login to BI as Admin.
  • When you get to Select company choose the MYOB ARLive option which takes you to the MYOB Website to authenticate.

If you are starting a completely new Cloud file or have purged a lot of history from your old Classic file you may wish to keep BI4Cloud connected to your old Classic file and to the new Cloud file. If so then do not uninstall the BI Connector and leave your Classic file connected. Simply follow the instructions above to connect to the New Cloud file.  Note, you will need a multi-user version of BI4Cloud to be able to connect up more than 1 MYOB file (1 user = 1 company file, 3 user = 3 files etc).

Before you Upgrade to MYOB ARLive Cloud

However, before you do upgrade to the new MYOB ARLive do make sure you are aware that MYOB ARLive does not yet fully support all features of Classic. Find out the latest on what features available in ARLive - Click Here.  Note ARLIve has recently introduced Multi-Currency and Multi-Location features.

We also recommend:

  • Do thorough Parallel testing where you enter in all transactions for a few days into both the old Desktop MYOB and the new ARLive to make sure it is all running and performing as expected.
  • Check that the size of your Company file is not too big before you migrate to ARLive (ask MYOB) as this will impact performance
  • Be aware that there is currently NO ability to Purge transactions in ARLive 
  • If you do plan to Purge (delete) any transactions from your Classic file before you upgrade then be aware that this may limit how far back you can report using BI4Coud as we rely on the detailed transactions to generate our reports.
  • Some clients are choosing to start a fresh new MYOB file when they move to ARLive, this can be a bit of work. If you plan to do this contact as we can suggest a solution that will help you to set up the new cloud file with all of your existing master files, accounts, customers etc already setup.
  • Other clients take a backup of their old Classic file, then purge historical transactions in their Classic file to reduce the size then upgrade this smaller file to ARLive. Then connect the Classic MYOB backup file and the new ARLive cloud file to BI4 so you can report over both files. (Note we can't consolidate these together as there is no clean cutoff date so data will be duplicated where transactions overlap in each file)


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