AccountRight Live Data Refresh Enhancements

MYOB AccountRight Live allows access to your accounting data via an API which Bi4Cloud uses to create a report database.

The report database is refreshed at night or when a user presses the refresh icon.

The first refresh is done in FULL synchronising data for all years.  On subsequent refreshes only new data is synchronised by utilising and filtering by the transaction's LastModified datetime.

Recently changes by MYOB (Sept 2022)  to the API servers now require a server request must complete within a finite period or it will respond with an error ( greater than 29 seconds will return a 504 Gateway Timeout ).

The Bi4Cloud refresh has a re-try limit ( required by MYOB ) after which it abandons.  So these errors can result in incomplete / failed refresh.

On datafiles with large transactions volumes the request by LastModifed datetime now often returns a 504 error and so these file have become problematic to sync.

Also when these errors occur the number of data items returned from MYOB can be inconsistent and the retries can cause duplication of data.

In contrast our testing has found requests by transaction Date will respond within the API time limits and are more reliable.

Refresh Changes

The Bi4Cloud refresh process has now changed so requests for data are filtered for transaction Date. The starting transaction Date of the refresh is determined using the date of last GL transaction we hold and going back 28 days.

To improve data integrity the resultant Sales and Bills transaction GL distribution  is checked against the GL journal transaction data. Discrepancies in the result will trigger another refresh using date of the discrepancy as the transaction from Date.

Reconciliation of sample files and user feedback has shown the new sync process to be faster and provide more reliable data.


Deletions of transactions in MYOB and not informed in the API.

The only cross check availale is the GL distribution so deletion of Sales Orders and Purchases Orders can go undetetected.

FULL syncs on files with many transactions may get Time Errors and not complete. If this occur please contact and include details


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