Debugging IRDB Import scripts

Command line debugging 

Added new Commmand Line debugging tool for running IMP Scripts
It is called using irdbtest impdebug yourImportScript.imp  followed by optional parameters for your script
irdbtest impdebug yourImportScript.imp
If your script contains the word BREAKPOINT, it will return control to the debugger.
While in the debugger, you can execute Ad Hoc irdbImport commands using the current context
  • C or CONTINUE will make the debugger continue execution until the next break point or program finish
  • V or VARS will display the current variables in the current context
  • S will step to the next IMP Statement
  • quit, or CTRL+C will cause the debugger to exit
  • ! {text} - will execute the {text} part of your command as SQL.
    • The last SQL command results will be displayed as CSV
    • {text} - will execute the {text} part of your command as an IRDBImport script using the current context


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