Sales, Orders and Quotes

The report mapping "Bi4 Item Sales, Orders and Quotes" has been replaced.

The new report mapping is "Bi4 Sales - Orders - Quotes"

The former report ONLY dealt with Item Sales whereas the new report handles both Item Sales and Service Sales.

With the new report if there is a need to restrict to Item Sales then filter the Invoice Type for the value 'Item'.

Notes on System Variations

Classic MYOB and ABSS Premier the Invoice table contains Sales, Orders and Quotes and so all these transactions can be analysed with this report.

AccountRight Live the Sales, Orders and Quotes are stored in different endpoints and for performance reasons, Bi4Cloud do not pull any Quotes and only pull Orders that have not been Invoiced.

If you use AccountRight Live and you have a need for Quote Analysis please raise a ticket via to request this.



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