Updating the BI Connector


The BI Connector program is a relay program that connects your server based datafile to the BI4Cloud cloud reporting service.

When you run the BI Connector you are asked for your BI4Cloud login and password and this associates the files you connect on your server with your cloud based BI4Cloud account

The BI Connector downloads information about your configuration that was saved in the cloud and  it also has inbuilt some extraction code that can change from time to time and so the connector needs to be updated.

Update Instructions

1) Before you start ensure you have the  BI4Cloud login and password and the Windows Admin login and password for your server.

2) Login to Windows on the server that has the BI Connector installed, use Control Panel > Programs and Feature to uninstall the existing BI Connector.


3) Using a web browser  ( chrome is recommended ) download the latest BI Connector from https://my.bi4cloud.com/BICloud/Download/BIForMYOB-Extract_Utility-Setup.exe 

4) When the download completes click on the download and follow the prompts to install the program. Note that the program must be installed on the C: Drive and not a virtual or network drive. You will be prompted for this during the installation.

5) When the installation completes there will be a BI4 Icon on your desktop. Use this to launch the connector.


6) When the connector launches it will require that you login using your BI4Cloud account  -  Press Log In


7) A web browser is then launched and it displays a 6 digit code confirming the connection of this Server to the BI4 Cloud - Press Confirm


8) The browser will the request the Bi4Cloud login and password. If you have previuously logged into the BI4Cloud account from this server then the web browser may remember this and so you may not see this step. If you do see this step then use your Bi4Cloud login and password to login.



9) Once the correct credentials have been entered a confirmation dialog is displayed. You should close this screen using the [X] on top right of the form.


10) A screen similar the example below will then display and it shows all the files on this server that are connected to the Bi4Cloud. Review the files and then close this screen. 



The update is now complete and you can log out of the Windows server.

You can confirm the connector is correctly installed and communicating with the cloud by going to https://my.bi4cloud.com ,  logging into your account and observing the connect symbol appears and it is green - if it is red there is no connection, if it is orange you have more than one connection. Either of these last two conditions must be rectified or your data will not refresh or will intermittently refresh.



Your files will refresh on tyhe next refresh cycle




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