Create, Save, Share & Schedule your Own Favourites

Create Favourites specifically for YOU 

To get the best value from BI4Cloud this article explains how to:

Save as a New Favourite - (Professional & Enterprise versions only)

The Default Favourites supplied with BI4Cloud are there just to get you started. Most run over the full Financial year and across all Customers, Items, Jobs etc. Recommend you:

  • Edit dimensions such as Date Range or add a Filter by Location, Salesperson, Product Group etc 
  • Save as a new Favourite (in the Professional & Enterprise versions only)
  • Share the Favourite with other Users
  • Schedule it to Auto email to save time if you plan to run the same report often (in the Enterprise version only). See Saving Favourite Reports to Auto Emai


  1. Name your Favourite
    - Numbering your reports will put them in Order at the top of the Favourites list
  2. Schedule Email - (Enterprise Version Only)
    - Daily
    - Weekly or
    - Monthly
    - Saving Favourite Reports to Auto Email
  3. Send to Any Email addresses
    - to any email address 
    - for multiple email addresses separate each with a comma
  4. Choose Attachment Format
    - PDF
    - Excel
    - CSV
  5. Share with Other BI Users - (Multi user Version only)
    - Other users will see this Favourite when they login BUT they cannot Delete or Edit
    - To learn how to add Add Users - Click here
  6. Put into a Category (Folder)
    - Makes it easier to find in the List of Favourites


Update your Saved Favourites

Once you have saved your own Favourites you then have the option to Update them to keep any changes.

  • Update will overwrite the current Favourite you have run whereas 
  • Save will create a new copy and not affect the original Favourite, like "Save as" in Excel


Update also lets you change the Favourite Name, who it is shared with and any scheduled email settings.

Hide the Default Favourites

Now you have created your own Favourites why not hide the Default ones?

Click here  to Learn how to Hide Shared and Default Favourites


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